English explanation of UWB network and IT usage rules

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When using WEBnet (UWB computer network) and IT equipment at UWB (public computers etc.), it is neccessary to follow certain rules. This document is a translation and explanation of the most important ones. There are official documents in czech language, which define those rules:

and you can (and should) ask your Erasmus buddy, boss, friend or colleague to translate and explain them to you, or use some automatic translator, before you start using any network or IT services at UWB.


  1. You are required to:
    1. Follow all the rules defined in the four documents mentioned at the beginning.
    2. Use the WEBnet network and other IT equipment at UWB only for educational, research, development, art and related purposes.
    3. Maintain security of any devices you are connecting to the network.
    4. Use a strong password and protect it.
  2. It is forbidden to:
    1. Connect switches, routers, wifi access points and other similar network devices to the network.
    2. Set up your devices to use a static IP address.
    3. Use any software or services that might use unfairly high amount of bandwidth. Use public computers and other equipment for unusually long time periods.
    4. Use the network for downloading and sharing copyrighted materials via p2p networks or conduct any other activities which infringe the copyright law or other laws.
    5. Do any activities which may cause damage to hardware or software equipment belonging to the network. This includes disconnecting or moving ANY cables or hardware, making ANY changes in software and setup of public computers and other devices, booting one's own operating systems on public computers, etc.
    6. Allow other persons to access and/or use the WEBnet network.
    7. Use the network under someone else's identity.
    8. Take advantage of other user's mistakes (e.g. using weak passwords, forgetting to log off, etc.) to access personal data or cause any other harm.
    9. Intercept the communication in the network.
    10. Try to gain unauthorized access to identities, informations and data, belonging to other users and/or administrators.
    11. Try to bypass any rules or security measures used in the network.
    12. Use the network for any forms of attacks against users or organizations outside the network.
    13. Use the network to send spam.
    14. Use the network for commercial, political or religious advertising or propagation.
    15. Use the network to spread information which is against the law, ethics or morality and which may cause harm to UWB.
  3. CIV operators, as primary administrators of the WEBnet network, are responsible for its functionality and maintenance and therefore allowed to:
    1. Monitor network traffic when it's neccessary to maintain the network's functionality and security.
    2. Immediately disconnect users from the network in case of suspected infringement of these rules.
    3. Ban users from using the network for the specified amount of time in case of infringement of these rules.
    4. Ask you for an ID if you are using any equipment or services belonging to the UWB.
    5. Ask you to stop using and/or leave public computers and other equipment.