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Connect to eduroam

University wireless network

Currently, there are several options for connecting to the wireless network (Wi-Fi) at ZČU. One of them is the eduroam (education roaming) worldwide wireless network project developed and operated by a community of educational and scientific institutions. Via eduroam, a student or employee of ZČU can connect to the Internet almost all over the world, while complying to Operating Rules for connecting mobile devices (czech language only) and WEBnet rules.

Preferred setting

The automatic configuration tool is available for the desktop OS Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux, as well as for the mobile platforms Google Android and Apple iOS. Login data must be entered in the correct format.

Password:  eduroam password

Manual setting

For manual setting, you need to enter the following data.

Security type:   WPA2-Enterprise
EAP method:      PEAP
Encryption:      MSCHAPv2
Password:        eduroam password
Cert. authority: The USERTrust RSA Certification Authority

Password setting

For security reasons, access to the eduroam network is secured by a password different from the one used for Orion services. Before using wireless services, each user must set up the network password, which then must be changed or prolonged every six months.

You can set or change your password on the Mobile connection management page.

Connection instructions

Operating system Automatic setting Manual setting
Windows procedure procedure
macOS procedure procedure
Linux procedure procedure
Android procedure procedure
iOS procedure procedure

As a last resort, try connecting to an unsecured network zcu-mobile.

Interactive maps and localization apps

World map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

European map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

Czech map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

iPhone app for locating eduroam network availability

Android app for locating eduroam network availability