Connecting of mobile devices

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Students, employees and, under certain circumstances, guests of the UWB, may use the WEBnet network to connect their business and personal mobile devices (laptops, tablets, ...) to a wireless network. This connection is provided as a part of the eduroam project.

Each user's mobile device may use both wired and wireless eduroam network, either on UWB or other connected academic institutions, while complying to Operating Rules for connecting mobile devices (czech language only) and WEBnet rules.

Configuring password for eduroam network

For security reasons, access to the eduroam network is secured by a password different from the one used for Orion services. Before using wireless services, each user must set up the network password, which then must be changed or prolonged every six months.

You can set up or change your password using the following website

Automatic configuration

Once the password is set, it is necessary to configure the device to be able to access eduroam network. The easiest way is to use an automatic configuration tool. The tool is available for many types of devices and operating systems. Apart of MS Windows, it supports Mac OS, Linux, Android and others.

Windows, macOS, Linux - eduroam CAT
Android - geteduroam
Apple iOS - geteduroam

When the installer is launched, dialog box will appear prompting you to enter your username and password. Use the following form:

 Login:    <orion-login>
 Password: eduroam password

Manual connection

If you want to set up your connection manually or the automatic configuration failed, detailed instructions on how to configure eduroam are below.

For proper connection you must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. A valid password for eduroam must be set (Check it using Mobile connection administration website).
  2. The USERTrust RSA Certification Authority must be imported to the device. Most of the computers should already have it preinstalled. For phones and tablets, it is necessary to download and import it.
  3. You need to set the connection parameters according to the instructions for your operating system (czech language only), or use the following parameters:
  Security type:           WPA2-Enterprise
  EAP method:              PEAP
  Encryption:              MSCHAPv2
  Identity:                <orion-login>
  Password:                eduroam password
  Certification authority: The USERTrust RSA Certification Authority

The most frequently used walkthroughs (czech language only)

Operating system Automatic connection Manual connection
Android 5.x and higher Accept.png procedure procedure
iOS Accept.png procedure procedure
Linux Gnome Accept.png procedure procedure
macOS Accept.png procedure procedure
Windows Vista Accept.png procedure -
Windows 7 Accept.png procedure -
Windows 8 Accept.png procedure -
Windows 10 Accept.png procedure -
Windows phone Accept.png - procedure

If you can't find your device, try to use other guides in czech language only.

You can not in any way connect to the eduroam network? As a last resort, try instructions for connecting to the unsecured wireless network zcu-mobile.

Interactive maps and localization apps

World map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

European map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

Czech map of connectivity to the wireless network eduroam

iPhone app for locating eduroam network availability

Android app for locating eduroam network availability